What Was the Carrington Event?

In 1859, the Sun gave off the most powerful solar flare on record. A blast of radiation and particles so…

5 years ago

Juno Captures a Stunning Jovian ‘Pearl’

A brand new photo from Juno's latest close flyby reveals a 'pearl' of great beauty fashioned by ceaseless winds.

5 years ago

What is Tornado Alley?

Reaching across the Great Plains - from Texas to the Canadian Prairies - is the infamous "Tornado Alley", where tornado…

5 years ago

May Meteor Storm Alert: All Eyes on the Sky!

On Friday night/early Saturday May 23-24 skywatchers across the U.S. and southern Canada may witness the birth of a brand new meteor shower.  If predictions…

8 years ago

Weird Gravity Waves Pulse From a Tropical Cyclone

Last Monday, May 13, the Suomi NPP satellite captured a fascinating image of Tropical Cyclone Mahasen as it moved northeast…

9 years ago

NASA Satellite Snaps Winter Storm “Nemo”

Captured by NASA's GOES-13 weather satellite on Friday, Feb. 8, this image shows the convergence of two massive low-pressure systems that…

9 years ago

Incredible Video of Sandy’s Swirling Progression

Just released, this mesmerizing animation was created by Kevin Ward from images acquired by NOAA's GOES-O/14 satellite. It shows the…

9 years ago

Bolt from the Blue: Giant Flash of Lightning Seen in Saturn’s Storm

An enormous storm that wrapped its way around Saturn's northern hemisphere during the first half of 2011 wasn't just a…

9 years ago

Tropical Storm Debby Douses the Gulf

The eastern Gulf of Mexico is getting lashed by tropical storm Debby, which whipped up tornado-spawning winds and dumped inches…

9 years ago

Studying Saturn’s Super Storm

[/caption] First seen by amateur astronomers back in December, the powerful seasonal storm that has since bloomed into a planet-wrapping…

11 years ago