SpaceX Test Fires a Raptor Engine, Simulating a Lunar Landing

When NASA astronauts return to the surface of the Moon in the Artemis III mission, the plan is to use…

6 days ago

A Massive Solar Storm was Detected on Earth, Mars, and the Moon

The coronal mass ejection on October 28th, 2021, was measured by missions on Earth, the Moon, and Mars for the…

2 months ago

NASA Artemis DIMPLE Instrument Suite to Explore Moon’s Mysterious Volcanic Features

NASA recently selected a new science payload that will travel to the Moon through a series of robotic missions via…

2 months ago

Artemis Accords Adds 25th, 26th, and 27th Signatory Countries

NASA recently welcomed the newest signatories of the Artemis Accords as Spain, Ecuador, and India became the 25th, 26th, and…

3 months ago

Astronauts Will Be Tracking Dust Into the Lunar Gateway. Is This a Problem?

A NASA-supported study examines how lunar regolith could impact the Gateway and other aspects of NASA's Artemis Program.

3 months ago

How Much Damage Will Lunar Landings Do to Lunar Orbiters?

A new study considers how missions landing and taking off from the lunar surface could cause damage to orbiting spacecraft.

4 months ago

Artemis V is Going to the Moon With Blue Origin

NASA has announced a second lunar lander provider for its Artemis program, choosing Blue Origin’s National Team to deliver astronauts…

4 months ago

What Would be in a Moon Salad?

Imagine you're a lunar astronaut, putting in a hard day's work building your lab or excavating moon rocks. You get…

5 months ago

One Day Astronauts Will Be Breathing Oxygen Made From Rocks

When there's a permanent base on the Moon, astronauts will need a way to replenish their oxygen supply. Fortunately, there's…

5 months ago

NASA Wants New Ideas for Launching Lunar Payloads and Unlocking Climate Science!

The NASA Entrepreneur Challenge is seeking new ideas for delivering lunar payloads and advancing climate science.

5 months ago