As Hurricane Ian Bears Down on Florida, NASA Decides to Roll Artemis 1 Back to the Assembly Building

As a result of the latest weather predictions regarding Hurricane Ian, NASA managers met on the morning of September 26…

2 days ago

NASA Chooses a Supplier to Build its Moonwalking Spacesuits

NASA announced they have chosen Axiom Space to build the spacesuits for the next astronauts to walk on the Moon.…

3 weeks ago

New Animation Shows how the Artemis Missions Will use the Lunar Gateway and a Starship to put Humans Back onto the Moon

A recent YouTube video made by YouTube account, Hazegrayart, combines awesome computer animation, great music, and crisp archived audio recordings…

3 weeks ago

Yeast Will Fill in for Humans on Artemis I, Soaking up a Lunar Mission’s Worth of Radiation

When Artemis 1 finally takes flight (possibly this Saturday), twelve bags of baker's yeast will go along for the ride.…

4 weeks ago

NASA Will Try Again on September 3 For First Launch of Artemis

After reviewing the data from Monday‚Äôs scrubbed launch attempt for the Space Launch System/Artemis- 1 test flight, NASA's Mission Management…

1 month ago

Everything Still Looks Good for Monday's Artemis 1 Launch

NASA's long-awaited Artemis I mission is a go for Monday, August 29th!

1 month ago

Here is Where Astronauts Might Land on the Moon

NASA has released a map that shows the thirteen possible locations where the Artemis III astronauts could land!

1 month ago

Artemis 1 Goes Back to the Launch pad, Getting Ready for its August 29th Blastoff

The Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft now sits on the launchpad, ready for liftoff on a journey…

1 month ago

Masten Space is Building a Lunar Lander for NASA. Also, They Just Filed for Bankruptcy

Masten Space Systems, which was developing a lunar lander for NASA's Artemis Program, has just filed for bankruptcy!

2 months ago

Engineers are Testing how VIPER can Handle the Gnarliest Lunar Terrain

NASA's getting ready to send a VIPER to the Moon. Not the popular sports car but a rugged vehicle that…

2 months ago