NASA has Simulated a Tiny Part of the Moon Here on Earth

Before going to the Moon, the Apollo astronauts trained at various sites on Earth that best approximated the lunar surface,…

1 week ago

Study Shows How Cells Could Help Artemis Astronauts Exercise

New research aims to ensure astronauts' health by mimicking the human body's response to exercise.

2 weeks ago

One Day There Could be a Pipeline of Oxygen Flowing From the Moon’s South Pole

The Artemis program intends to put humans on the Moon for the first time since NASA's Apollo missions. But Artemis…

4 weeks ago

“To Boldy Go”: The Nichelle Nichols Foundation Continues Actress’ Legacy of Inspiration

In honor of her achievements, the Nichelle Nichols Foundation launched with the aim of carrying on her legacy and inspiring…

4 weeks ago

A Rover Could Weave its Way Between Patches of Sunlight on the Lunar South Pole

In any plan to establish a presence on the Moon, the South Pole is key. There, in the deep permanent…

1 month ago

We’re Going to see at Least Five More SLS Rockets Launch in the Coming Years

NASA’s continued goal of sending humans into deep space using its Space Launch System (SLS) recently took a giant leap…

1 month ago

Power on the Moon. What Will it Take to Survive the Lunar Night?

NASA recently hosted a series of workshops on how nuclear power could enable long-duration missions to the Moon, Mars, and…

1 month ago

Watch a NASA Supercut of the Entire Artemis I Mission, From Launch to Landing

In case you missed any of the 25-day flight of Artemis 1, NASA has compiled a 25-minute highlight reel that…

2 months ago

Orion Splashes Down in the Pacific Ocean, Completing the Artemis I Mission

The Artemis I mission has splashed down, ending its mission and validating the technology that will take astronauts back to…

2 months ago

Will This be the Iconic Picture From Artemis I?

There's an argument to be made that some astronomical pictures are better inspirational tools than all of the science that…

2 months ago