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When an Object Like ‘Oumuamua Comes Around Again, We Could be Ready With an Interstellar Object Explorer (IOE)

On October 19th, 2017, astronomers with the Pann-STARRS survey observed an Interstellar Object (ISO) passing through our system - 1I/2017…

2 months ago

Did Powerful Asteroid Impacts Make Venus So Different From Earth?

A new study connects impacts during Venus' early history to its smooth and "youthful" appearance today.

9 months ago

One Crater on the Moon is Filled with Ice and Gas that Came from a Comet Impact

After reanalyzing data from the LRO mission, a team of scientists has determined that water ice observed in a lunar…

2 years ago

Water Shaped Features on Mars Much Earlier Than Previously Believed

According to a new study, the Perseverance rover could find evidence in Jezero that will allow scientists to reconstruct the…

3 years ago

Earth Life Probably Can’t Spread to Mars Today

New research says life from Earth isn't likely to ever survive on Mars, which is good news as far as…

4 years ago

Another Juno Flyby, Another Amazing Sequence of Images of Jupiter

With its latest flyby of Jupiter, the Juno mission took more pictures with its JunoCam, which citizen scientists have once…

6 years ago

Pluto is What You Get When a Billion Comets Smash Together

A new study conducted by researchers from the Southwest Research Institute indicates that Pluto could have formed from a billion…

6 years ago

Thanks, Comet Pluto. Solar System Nomenclature Needs A Major Rethink

Thanks to new data from the New Horizons mission that shows how Pluto behaves as both a planet and a…

8 years ago

Scientists to go Suborbital for Research

[/caption] Think again if you believe the suborbital space market is exclusively for well-heeled tourists. The Southwest Research Institute has…

13 years ago