Sad About Pluto? How about 110 Planets in the Solar System Instead?

A new geophysical definition has been proposed by a team of planetary scientists, one which would result in a Solar…

7 years ago

What is a Planet?

The concept of a planet has evolved considerably over time, thanks to ongoing discoveries and refinements in the field of…

7 years ago

Dark Stains on Mercury Reveal Its Ancient Crust

Ever since the MESSENGER spacecraft entered orbit around Mercury in 2011, and indeed even since Mariner 10's flyby in 1974, peculiar…

8 years ago

Massive Planet Gone Rogue Discovered

A massive rogue planet has been discovered in the Beta Pictoris moving group.

8 years ago

Could the Death Star Destroy a Planet?

In the movie Star Wars, the Darth Vader's Death Star destroyed a planet. Could this really happen? You've watched Star…

9 years ago

Could There Be Another Planet Behind the Sun?

If you've read your share of sci-fi, and I know you have, you've read stories about another Earth-sized planet orbiting…

9 years ago

A Recipe for Returning Pluto to Full Planethood

A storm is brewing, a battle of words and a war of the worlds. The Earth is not at risk. It is…

9 years ago

Moroccan Meteorite May Be a 4.4-Billion-Year-Old Chunk of Dark Martian Crust

Mars is often referred to as the Red Planet. But its signature color is only skin-deep – or, I should say,…

9 years ago

Is The Moon A Planet?

What makes a planet a planet? The Moon is so big compared to the Earth -- roughly one-quarter our planet's…

9 years ago

2015: NASA’s Year of the Dwarf Planet

Together, the space probes Dawn and New Horizons have been in flight for a collective 17 years. One remained close…

10 years ago