Mercury is the Perfect Destination for a Solar Sail

Solar sails rely upon pressure exerted by sunlight on large surfaces. Get the sail closer to the Sun and not…

3 weeks ago

There Were Glaciers… on Mercury?

I have lost count of how many times I have given public lectures and explained the temperature differences between Mercury…

5 months ago

The Solar Wind Whistles as it Passes Mercury

The Mercury , part of the BepiColombo International Mercury Exploration Project, has revealed some interesting things about Mercury's magnetosphere.

6 months ago

Mercury is Still Shrinking

Mercury is considered a scorching, barren landscape that would literally melt your face off if you were standing on it…

6 months ago

BepiColumbo Makes its Third Flyby of Mercury, Seeing the Planet's Night Side

ESA's BepiColumbo continues its journey to Mercury by making another flyby ... of Mercury! This is the third of six…

10 months ago

Astronomers Come Closer to Understanding How Mercury Formed

Simulations of the formation of the solar system have been largely successful. They are able to replicate the positions of…

1 year ago

Two “Super Mercury” Exoplanets Found in a Single System

There's a star system out there with three super-Earth planets and two super-Mercuries. Super-Earths are fairly familiar types of exoplanets,…

2 years ago

BepiColombo’s First Pictures of Mercury

BepiColombo recently had its first close flyby of Mercury, its eventual mission target, and got to snap some pictures to…

3 years ago

BepiColombo Meets Mercury for the First Time on October 1

BepiColombo made a quick visit to Venus in August and is on to its next rendezvous. On October 1st it'll…

3 years ago

It’s Time to Send a Lander to Mercury

So much in the astronomy community revolves around the decadal survey.  Teams of dozens of scientists put hundreds of hours…

3 years ago