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Satellites Watched Mercury’s Transit From Space, Confirming That Yes, the Sun Has At Least One Planet

Do you wonder how astronomers find all those exoplanets orbiting stars in distant solar systems? Mostly they use the transit…

3 months ago

Mercury has Magnetic Poles that Drift Like Earth’s

Earth's magnetic poles drift over time. This is something that every airplane pilot or navigator knows. They have to account…

5 months ago

There May be Thick Ice Deposits on the Moon and Mercury

According to a new analysis of LRO and MESSENGER data, the ice deposits on the Moon and Mercury could be…

6 months ago

Mercury-Bound BepiColombo is About to Start Using the Most Powerful Ion Engines Ever Sent to Space

A handful of spacecraft have used ion engines to reach their destinations, but none have been as powerful as the…

1 year ago

Forming Dense Metal Planets like Mercury is Probably Pretty Difficult and Rare in the Universe

A new study by a team of Swiss astronomers indicates that Mercury-like planets, which have a high iron-to-rock ration, are…

1 year ago

Planetpalooza: All Bright Planets Visible in the July Dusk Sky

Missed the planets in the dusk sky in early 2018? This summer's astronomical blockbuster sees the return of all the…

2 years ago

More Surface Ice on Mercury than Previously Thought, says New Study

A new study from Brown University reveals that there may be a lot more surface ice on Mercury than previously…

2 years ago

What is the Smallest Planet in the Solar System?

Of all the planets in the Solar System. Mercury is now the regarded as the smallest, with a mean radius…

3 years ago

See Mercury At Dusk, New Comet Lovejoy At Dawn

There are so many cool astronomical sights to see in late March including Mercury and a brand new comet!

3 years ago

America’s Pioneering Astronauts Honored with new ‘Heroes and Legends’ Attraction at Kennedy Space Center

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER VISITOR COMPLEX, FL - America’s pioneering astronauts who braved the perils of the unknown and put their…

3 years ago