Here’s The Exact Point of the Moon’s South Pole

Since 2009, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been taking high-resolution pictures of the lunar surface. This data, along with…

7 months ago

The Impact Site of China’s Longjiang-2 Spacecraft has Been Found on the Moon

Thanks to an amateur tracker, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera team found the lunar impact site of China's Longjiang-2 satellite.

3 years ago

Lunar Orbiter Takes a Meteorite Strike Right in the Camera

On October 13th, 2014, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) experienced something rare and unexpected. While monitoring the surface of the…

5 years ago

The Newest ‘Earthrise’ Image, Courtesy of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

That’s Earth. That’s us. Way off in the distance as a fairly small, blue and swirly white sphere. This is…

8 years ago

Zoom to the Moon’s North Pole with this Incredible New Gigapixel Map

OMG - breathtaking! That was my reaction when I clicked on this incredible new interactive map of the moon's north…

9 years ago

NASA Lunar Orbiter snaps Spectacular Images of Yutu Moon Rover driving around Chang’e-3 Lander

Yutu rover drives around Chang’e-3 lander – from Above And Below Composite view shows China’s Yutu rover and tracks driving…

9 years ago

China’s Chang’e-3 Lander and Yutu Moon Rover – from Above and Below

Chang’e-3 lander and Yutu rover – from Above And Below Composite view shows China’s Chang’e-3 lander and Yutu rover from…

9 years ago

China’s Lunar Lander Spotted by Orbiting Spacecraft

Not much on the Moon escapes the eyes of NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and China's Chang'e-3 lander and Yutu rover…

9 years ago

Remains of GRAIL Spacecraft Found on Lunar Surface

On December 17, 2012, the GRAIL mission came to an end, and the two washing machine-sized spacecraft performed a flying…

10 years ago

The South Rim of Aristarchus

LROC view looking obliquely of the south rim of Aristarchus from the west (NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University) Flying over at an…

10 years ago