NASA Seeks Greater Diversity in Research Collaborations

Through the MUREP Partnership Learning Annual Notification, NASA is looking for input from Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) for its "Moon…

8 months ago

NASA Wants New Ideas for Launching Lunar Payloads and Unlocking Climate Science!

The NASA Entrepreneur Challenge is seeking new ideas for delivering lunar payloads and advancing climate science.

8 months ago

Clearing the Air on a Trip to Mars: the NASA Particle Partition Challenge!

With $45,000 in prizes, NASA's Particle Partition Challenge is looking for innovative ideas on how to maintain breathable atmospheres for…

1 year ago

NASA Wants Your Ideas on How to Keep Trash-Burning Reactors Working for Future Missions to Mars!

In preparation for missions to Mars, NASA and HeroX have launched their third challenge for dealing with space waste: The…

2 years ago

NASA is Upping the Power on its Lunar Wattage Challenge!

NASA and HeroX have launched Phase II of their Watts on the Moon Challenge, which will reward a total of…

2 years ago

NASA and HeroX are Crowdsourcing the Search for Life on Mars

NASA and HeroX have launched the Mars Spectrometry Challenge, which will reward a total of $30,000 for new ideas on…

2 years ago

NASA and HeroX Want Your Ideas for How to Deal with Space Waste!

NASA and HeroX are looking for innovative ideas for what to do about the non-recyclable waste astronauts will have to…

2 years ago

NASA and HeroX Want to Convert Waste in Space and Monitor Air-Quality Here on Earth

NASA and HeroX just launched two exciting incentive competitions to address the challenges of astronaut waste during missions to Mars…

2 years ago

NASA is Looking for Ideas on How to Jump-Start a Lunar Economy!

To ensure that their payloads can get to the Moon, NASA is one again enlisting the help of HeroX to…

3 years ago

15 Different Ideas for Rovers That Could Explore Venus

NASA just announced the winners of it's "Exploring Hell Challenge" with HeroX, an incentive competition designed to inspire designs for…

3 years ago