NASA and HeroX are Looking to Light Up the Moon!

With a prize purse of up to $5 million, NASA and HeroX are looking for ideas on how we could…

4 years ago

The Spaceport America Cup Joins Crowdsourcing Platform HeroX to Propel Student Innovation!

The 2020 Spaceport America Cup will be the largest to date, thanks to a new collaboration with crowdsourcing powerhouse HeroX!

5 years ago

Poopy Ideas Net $30,000 For Challenge Finalists

You may have thought that whole ‘going to the bathroom in space’ issue had already been resolved, with the International…

7 years ago

NASA Needs Your Help With the “Long-Duration” Space Poop Problem

It turns out, that famous question of “How do you go to the bathroom in space?” is not so easy…

8 years ago

Looking for a Challenge? Design a Way to Keep Increasingly Crowded Airspace Safe

According to a recent report by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), airports across the country are seeing record passenger…

9 years ago

Big Thinking: You Create An X-Prize Contest To Solve A Pressing Problem

Remember the Ansari X-Prize, when there was a race about a decade ago for the first private spaceship to go…

10 years ago