geological history of Mars

Olympus Could Have Been a Giant Volcanic Island in an Ancient Martian Ocean

New research shows that Mars' Olympus Mons may have once been a volcanic island surrounding by ocean.

9 months ago

There's a Giant Magma Plume on Mars, Bulging the Surface out Across a Vast Region

Scientists find more evidence that a magma plume could exist beneath Elysium Planitia, proving Mars might still be volcanically active

1 year ago

Mars is Mostly Dead. There's Still Magma Inside, so it's Slightly Alive

NASA's InSight lander has detected many marsquakes coming from the same region, which could mean that the Red Planet still…

1 year ago

What a Geologist Sees When They Look at Perseverance’s Landing Site

Geologists love fieldwork. They love getting their specialized hammers and chisels into seams in the rock, exposing unweathered surfaces and…

3 years ago

This is Mawrth Vallis on Mars, and it’s Positively Bursting with Evidence of Past Water Action on Mars

Here on Earth, geologists seek out deep channels into Earth's rock, carved over the ages by flowing water. The exposed…

3 years ago

Another Incredible Picture of Mars, This Time From a Region Just Outside Valles Marineris

An image taken by the MROs HiRISE camera showcases the types of terrain around part of Mars' Valles Marineris canyon…

4 years ago

This Strange Feature on Mars was Probably the Result of an Ancient Volcanic Explosion

A strange feature on the surface of Mars has kept scientists guessing about its origin. It's a surface deposit of…

5 years ago

The Bizarre Picture is a 360-Degree View Around Curiosity on Mars

NASA recently released a 360-degree panoramic image based on images taken by the Curiosity rover, which showed its latest drilling…

6 years ago

Strange Landscapes on Mars were Created by Explosive Volcanoes

According to a new study from Johns Hopkins University, Mars' Medusa Fossae region was created by volcanic activity, a finding…

6 years ago

New Research Says “Levitating” Sands Explain how Mars Got its Landscape

A new study by an international team of scientists has indicated how a different form of water transport called "levitation"…

6 years ago