commercial aerospace

Blue Origin Reveals its Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle: Blue Ring

The Jeff Bezos-founded aerospace company, Blue Origin, recently announced its new and upcoming Swiss army knife-style spacecraft platform, Blue Ring,…

5 months ago

NASA is Helping to Develop a Mach 4 Passenger Jet

NASA has completed a series of studies that evaluated the potential for supersonic air travel between Mach 2 and 4!

6 months ago

The RAVN-X is a new Autonomous Aircraft Designed to Launch Small Satellites

The latest addition to the NewSpace industry is the Aevum RAVN-X, an automonous aircraft that can air-launch satellites to Low…

3 years ago

The SpaceX Starship Could be Making its Biggest Hop Yet (and a Belly-Flop) Next Month!

Elon Musk and SpaceX appear to be gearing up for a high-altitude hop test with the SN8 before the end…

3 years ago

Behold! The Martian Menu, Courtesy of Mars City Design!

Every year since 2012, Mars City Design hosts the Mars Feast Gala, where talented chefs create tantalizing entrees based on…

4 years ago

Scientists Figure Out How to Continuously Watch the Entire Planet With Just 4 Satellites

A new study has shown that optimal global satellite coverage can be achieved with just four satellites, and in a…

4 years ago

NASA is Working on Electric Airplanes

One of the chief aims of space agencies and commercial aerospace these days is reducing the associated costs of space…

4 years ago

Blue Origin has Shown off a New Video of its New Glenn Rocket Design

Blue Origin has released a new video of its proposed New Glenn launch vehicle, which will allow the company to…

5 years ago

Microsoft and Partners Hope to Create a Time Capsule… On the Moon!

Microsoft has teamed up with researchers to create a time capsule using synthetic DNA, which will be sent to the…

5 years ago

Japanese Startup is Working on a Reusable Rocketplane to Carry Passengers to Space, as Early as 2023

The Japanese startup PD Aerospace is developing a reusable space plane that will use a combination of jet engines and…

5 years ago