commercial aerospace

Monster Stratolaunch Aircraft Rolled Out, Getting Closer to First Flights

Stratolaunch just unveiled its new air-launch vehicle - the Stratolaunch Aircraft - which also happens to be the largest aircraft…

6 years ago

New Zealand’s First Rocket Launch to Space!

Earlier this week, the island nation of New Zealand made history with the first successful launch of a rocket from…

6 years ago

Pardon My Vomit: Zero G Ettiquette In the Age Of Space Tourism

With multiple commercial aerospace companies offering flights into space, to the Moon, and even beyond, would-be passengers are starting to…

6 years ago

Zero2Infinity Successfully Test Launches Its Bloostar Prototype

The private aerospace company Zero2Infinity reached a milestone this month with the successful test of their Bloostar launch system.

7 years ago

Moonbase by 2022 For $10 Billion, Says NASA

According to a series of articles produced by NASA and industry specialists, a lunar base could be built in a…

8 years ago