chinese space program

China Names its Capsule and Lander for its Upcoming Human Lunar Missions

In a recent announcement, the Chinese Space Agency (CSA) unveiled the names for its forthcoming lunar mission components. The CSA…

3 months ago

Three New Astronauts Arrive at the Chinese Space Station, Including the Country's First Civilian

China's Shenzou-16 mission just delivered three taikonauts to the Tiangong space station, performing the most complicated docking maneuver ever attempted

12 months ago

China Launches Mengtian, the Last Major Module to its Space Station

China's Tiangong space station just received its final module, the Mengtian laboratory, making it complete,

2 years ago

China’s Chang’e-3 Moon Rover Descends to Lower Orbit Sets Up Historic Soft Landing

All systems appear to be “GO” for the world’s first attempt to soft land a space probe on the Moon…

10 years ago

Daring Russian Sample Return mission to Martian Moon Phobos aims for November Liftoff

[/caption] In just over 3 weeks' time, Russia plans to launch a bold mission to Mars whose objective, if successful…

13 years ago