3-d printing

NASA’s Space Chainmail to Give Astronauts the Edge in Space Duels

A new type of "space fabric", which closely resembles chainmail, could revolutionize the way spaceships and space components are manufactured.

7 years ago

NASA Invests In Radical Game-Changing Concepts For Exploration

As part of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program, NASA recently announced 13 radical proposals for funding and development

8 years ago

Here’s The First 3-D Part Printed In Space. Where Will That Take Us Next?

Here's the 22nd-century version of breaking the surly bonds of Earth: NASA and private company Made In Space have just…

10 years ago

Smart Robots Could Build ‘Snow Forts’ On The Moon One Day

The Moon is so close to us, and yet so far. Just last year the Chang'e-3 spacecraft and Yutu rover…

10 years ago

A 3-D Printed Telescope Took This Picture Of The Moon — And The Plans Are Coming

What would Galileo think of this? Here's a shot of our closest large celestial neighbor, the Moon, taken through a…

10 years ago

A Whole New World: How NASA Helps You 3-D Print The Universe

How would it feel like to hold an asteroid or spacecraft in your hands? NASA is giving you that chance…

10 years ago

3-D Printer To Fly To Space In August, Sooner Than Planned

A 3-D printer intended for the International Space Station has passed its NASA certifications with flying colors -- earning the…

10 years ago

Handy! 3-D Printing Could Build Moon Bases And Improve Items Used In Space

Star Trek replicators, here we come. The European Space Agency has released a list of how 3-D printing could change…

10 years ago

Elon Musk Creates Rocket Parts With the Wave of a Hand

We knew SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was powerful, but now he’s gone all Ironman on us. Last week on Twitter…

11 years ago

3-D Printer Passes Key Step On Road to Space Station

The joke about home renovation projects is it takes at least three trips to the hardware store to finish the…

11 years ago