3-d printing

NASA’s Space Chainmail to Give Astronauts the Edge in Space Duels

A new type of "space fabric", which closely resembles chainmail, could revolutionize the way spaceships and space components are manufactured.

5 years ago

NASA Invests In Radical Game-Changing Concepts For Exploration

As part of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program, NASA recently announced 13 radical proposals for funding and development

6 years ago

Here’s The First 3-D Part Printed In Space. Where Will That Take Us Next?

Here's the 22nd-century version of breaking the surly bonds of Earth: NASA and private company Made In Space have just…

8 years ago

Smart Robots Could Build ‘Snow Forts’ On The Moon One Day

The Moon is so close to us, and yet so far. Just last year the Chang'e-3 spacecraft and Yutu rover…

8 years ago

A 3-D Printed Telescope Took This Picture Of The Moon — And The Plans Are Coming

What would Galileo think of this? Here's a shot of our closest large celestial neighbor, the Moon, taken through a…

8 years ago

A Whole New World: How NASA Helps You 3-D Print The Universe

How would it feel like to hold an asteroid or spacecraft in your hands? NASA is giving you that chance…

8 years ago

3-D Printer To Fly To Space In August, Sooner Than Planned

A 3-D printer intended for the International Space Station has passed its NASA certifications with flying colors -- earning the…

8 years ago

Handy! 3-D Printing Could Build Moon Bases And Improve Items Used In Space

Star Trek replicators, here we come. The European Space Agency has released a list of how 3-D printing could change…

8 years ago

Elon Musk Creates Rocket Parts With the Wave of a Hand

We knew SpaceX CEO Elon Musk was powerful, but now he’s gone all Ironman on us. Last week on Twitter…

9 years ago

3-D Printer Passes Key Step On Road to Space Station

The joke about home renovation projects is it takes at least three trips to the hardware store to finish the…

9 years ago