Herschel Space Telescope

A Totally new View of the Large Magellanic Cloud (and more!) From Retired Telescopes

ESA and NASA dusted off some old data from four retired space telescopes and combined forces to reveal new images…

2 years ago

How Does Water go From Interstellar Clouds to Habitable Worlds?

Water moves.  On Earth, it moves in the form of rivers, rain, or ocean swells.  In space, its movements are…

3 years ago

The Corona Australis Molecular Cloud. Normally this Looks Like a Dark Blob in the Sky. But in Infrared, it Looks Like This.

The Corona Australis is a constellation in the southern hemisphere. It's name literally means "southern crown." One of its features…

4 years ago

The Ant Nebula Actually has Intense Laser Emissions Coming From its Core

A team of astronomers, using the Herschel Observatory, recently observed a series of laser emissions coming from the ant nebula.

6 years ago

2007 OR10 Needs A Name. We Suggest Dwarfplanet McDwarfplanetyface

Astronomers using the Kepler spacecraft and data from the Herschel Space Observatory have given us a revealing glimpse of dwarf…

8 years ago

The Dwarf Planet (and Plutoid) Makemake

In 2003, astronomer Mike Brown and his team from Caltech began a discovery process which would change the way we…

9 years ago

‘Weird’ Dust Ring Baffles In Cloud That Will Give Birth To Giant Stars

Long after telescopes cease operating, their bounty of scientific data continues to amaze. Here's an example of that: this Herschel…

10 years ago

Pushy Black Holes Stop Elliptical Galaxies From Forming Stars

Contradicting past theories, cold gas has been found in abundance in some elliptical galaxies -- showing that there must be…

10 years ago

Speedy Science: Here’s Four Years Of Herschel Telescope Work In A Short Video

In just one minute, you can watch the Herschel space telescope painting the sky blue, green and yellow! The colors…

11 years ago

ALMA Spots a Nascent Stellar Monster

Even though it comprises over 99% of the mass of the Solar System (with Jupiter taking up most of the…

11 years ago