We Can't See the First Stars Yet, but We Can See Their Direct Descendants

The first stars in the Universe were enormous, made of primordial hydrogen and helium from the Big Bang. They lived…

2 days ago

It’s Like Looking at the Infant Sun: Webb Captures Image of an Energetic Young Star

Ever wondered what our young Sun might have looked like in its infancy some five billion years ago? The audacious…

5 days ago

A Black Hole Nibbles on a Star Every 22 Days, Slowly Consuming it

Astronomers working with NASA's Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory have spotted something unusual. The observatory's X-Ray Telescope (XRT) has captured emissions…

2 weeks ago

A Giant Black Hole Destroyed a Star and Threw the Pieces Into Space

A pair of X-ray telescopes have observed the messy aftermath of a star that came too close to a supermassive…

4 weeks ago

Giant Tidal Waves are Crashing Onto the Surface of an Enormous Star

Although the surface of a star seems quite different from the ocean, the underlying effect of gravity can create similar…

1 month ago

Astronomers Find a Newly-Forming Quadruple-Star System

Scientists have observed a rare quadruple star system in formation, revealing new insights into how multi-star systems form.

1 month ago

JWST Turns its Gaze on the Farthest Known Star: Earendel

In March 2022, astronomers announced the discovery of the farthest known star via an image taken by the Hubble Space…

1 month ago

Yes! A JWST Image of the Ring Nebula

Brace yourselves for great JWST views of the iconic Ring Nebula (M57). An international team of astronomers just released a…

2 months ago

New Simulation Reveals the Churning Interiors of Giant Stars

Stellar fusion happens at a star's core, where the enormous temperatures and pressures fuse hydrogen atoms into helium, releasing radiation.…

2 months ago

Astronomers are Watching a Planet Get its Atmosphere Blasted Away into Space

What do you get when a hot young world orbits a wildly unstable young red dwarf? For AU Microsopii b,…

2 months ago