Chandra and JWST Join Forces in a Stunning Series of Images

NASA scientists have combined data from the James Webb and Chandra observatories to create stunning series of images.

2 weeks ago

Supermassive Black Holes on a Collision Course

The early Universe was swimming with dwarf galaxies only a few hundred million years after the Big Bang. They merged…

3 months ago

Chandra’s X-ray Vision Combined With JWST Reveals Even More Details About the Universe

NASA scientist have released images combining the early data from the James Webb Space Telescope with X-ray data taken with…

8 months ago

In Some Places, Black Holes are Tearing Apart Thousands of Stars at a Time

A new study has revealed how supermassive black holes (SMBHs) grow by consuming high-density star clusters

1 year ago

What Happens to Their Supermassive Black Holes When Galaxies Collide?

What’s better than two gigantic galaxies swirling into one another until they collide?  How about three galaxies swirling into one…

2 years ago

M87’s Black Hole is Firing Out Jets that Travel 99% the Speed of Light

Can black holes be famous? If they can, then the one at the heart of the M87 galaxy qualifies. And…

3 years ago

Astronomers are Continuing to Watch the Shockwaves Expand from Supernova SN1987A, as they Crash Into the Surrounding Interstellar Medium

An international team of researchers was able to accurately measure the effect that a supernova shock wave had on the…

4 years ago

Stunning View of the Crab Nebula Just Got Five Times Better

Images of the Crab Nebula are always a treat because it has such intriguing and varied structure. Also, just knowing…

6 years ago

A Single Wave, Bigger Than the Milky Way, is Rolling Through the Perseus Galaxy Cluster

A team of researchers using the Chandra X-Ray Observatory have spotted a wave of hot gas larger than the Milky…

6 years ago

Supernova Blast Wave Still Visible After 30 Years

30 years ago today, a supernova explosion was spotted in the southern hemisphere skies. The exploding star was located in…

6 years ago