Dwarf Planets

NASA Approves New Horizons Extended KBO Mission, Keeps Dawn at Ceres

In an ‘Independence Day’ gift to a slew of US planetary research scientists, NASA has granted approval to nine ongoing…

8 years ago

Haumean Moons Deepen The Dwarf Planet Mystery

Pluto and Haumea have long been thought of as cousins. But a new study highlights Haumea's lack of small, icy…

8 years ago

2007 OR10 Needs A Name. We Suggest Dwarfplanet McDwarfplanetyface

Astronomers using the Kepler spacecraft and data from the Herschel Space Observatory have given us a revealing glimpse of dwarf…

8 years ago

Dark Moon Discovered Orbiting Dwarf Planet Makemake

Planetary scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have spotted a dark mini-moon orbiting the distant dwarf planet Makemake. The moon,…

8 years ago

Best NASA Images Yet Of Ceres’ Brightest Spot

New images from NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveal spectacular new details in Ceres' intriguing "bright spots".

8 years ago

Clouds Seen On Pluto For First Time

New images from NASA's New Horizons probe show possible clouds drifting lazily over Pluto's chill landscape.

8 years ago

Spotlight On Pluto’s Frozen Polar Canyons

We turn our gaze away from Pluto's "heart" to explore the ancient ice canyons of its north polar region.

8 years ago

Your Favorite Planet May Soon Turn Up In The Mail

Pluto has been explored, and now the USPS has released new stamps to celebrate this accomplishment. And that's not all,…

8 years ago

Astronomers Find Theoretical Evidence for Distant Gas Giant Planet in Our Solar System

The astronomer known worldwide for vigorously promoting the demotion of Pluto from its decades long perch as the 9th Planet,…

8 years ago

Dawn Unveils New Bright Features on Ceres in Striking Close-Ups

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has unveiled a new patch of intriguing bright features in the most recent series of striking close-up…

9 years ago