‘NASA Johnson Style’ Parodies ‘Gangnam Style’ Music Video

Article written: 18 Dec , 2012
Updated: 23 Dec , 2015

Check this out and get in the groove to enjoy some really cool fun from NASA

NASA interns and NASA astronauts have joined forces to create a very humorous and entertaining music video parody of the “Gangnam Style” mega hit by international pop sensation PSY – It’s called “NASA Johnson Style” and its New!

A team of interns from NASA’s Johnson Space Center (pictured below) in Houston created original lyrics, convinced several initially incredulous astronauts to dance along and shot the video at several NASA centers. Then they integrated the whole kit and kaboodle with the “Gangnam Style” instrumental track. Scotty would be proud of the intricate engineering demanded to pull this off – but where are the tribbles !

Image caption: Mike Massimino (center) poses with the intern video team after filming at JSC. Photo credit: Nicole Cloutier

The video features a fun loving crew of NASA astronauts including Mike Massimino, who deftly repaired the Hubble Space Telescope twice among other things, Clayton Anderson and Tracy Caldwell Dyson who lived and worked for many months aboard the International Space Station, and Mike Coats, a Shuttle commander and the retiring Director of the Johnson Space Center.

The video also features actual footage from the International Space Station , Apollo Moonwalks, Curiosity on Mars, Dawn at Vesta, Houston Mission control, the SLS and Orion Crew vehicle as well as real research labs and scientists here on Earth. So it’s fun and meant to be educational as well.

“Gangnam Style” by the Korean singing star PSY is the most popular YouTube music ever and is enjoyed by millions more every day since it was released last summer. It has spawned numerous other parodies.

And in case you missed last summer’s mega hit parody straight from the Red Planet – click on this: “We’re NASA and We Know It (Mars Curiosity)” – Note: this is NOT a NASA production

Now, turn up the volume and enjoy some light hearted cheer in this Holiday season.

Ken Kremer

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10 Responses

  1. gopher652003 says

    Ha, I was just wondering a couple of weeks ago when someone was going to put out a NASA parody of Gangnam Style:).

    Well done movie; I like it:).

  2. My tax dollars went to this? Excellent.

    • gopher652003 says

      Consider this a low cost marketing effort.

      In any case, it was a volunteer *student* effort, not done by people ‘on the clock’.

    • Guest says

      Gemme some ‘jimmy up’ on that flak attack… won’t you? Or give me a break.. cuz it’s down! The last gen. (me included) are somewhat ‘out of the loop’ with today’s music… but appreciate the crowd! Shake it now! Or never….

  3. Give these kids an “A”

  4. ITSRUF says

    Remember, this punk PSY called for the killing of American service members, AND their families. For shame that NASA should emulate such a piece of trash!

    American taxpayers should stop funding such insensitive behavior.

  5. Member
    Aqua4U says

    Laughing and gigglin… I LIKE! Har de har har! We’re Nasa and we know it!
    Yas… bring the trickle up and lay it on down! Go NASA and a let us know! We’re NASA and we know it!

  6. Member
    Aqua4U says

    Whassa mattah… you forgot what ‘punk’ means? This is NOT punk FYI… more a rap with an attack on the attic! Gettah clue.. if that’s what you do.. otherwise stand down and play the clown!

  7. gopher652003 says

    The American taxpayers didn’t fund this. It was done by students. I have difficulty imagining the stogy people at NASA being able to produce a video like this.

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