Weekly Space Hangout – Nov. 21, 2014: New Images of Europa

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)

Morgan Rehnberg (cosmicchatter.org / @cosmic_chatter)
Brian Koberlein (@briankoberlein)
Ramin Skibba (@raminskibba)
Dave Dickinson (@astroguyz / www.astroguyz.com)

This Week’s Stories:
Formation of the Milky Way
Quasar Alignment (from Helge Bjørkhaug)
Using GPS to detect dark matter
Meteorite Bears Evidence of Magnetic Fields in Early Solar System
New map of Europa
Europa mission
1000 Days Til the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
Satellite Catcher
Strange Comet Behaviour Puzzles Researchers: An Oort Cloud Comet with No Tail
Identity crisis? Active Asteroid 62412 Grows Comet-like Tail
Manufacturing Issues Plague JWST
Surprising Structures Discovered at the Bottom of Uranus
The Party’s OVer for These Youthful Compact Galaxies
Geologic Maps of Vesta from NASA’s Dawn Mission Published
Russia Tests “Satellite Catcher”
Organic Molecules Detected by Philae
Evicted? Possible Black Hole Found 2,600 Light Years from Home
Orion Batteries Installed, Live Sky Test Complete
Africa’s First Mission to the Moon Has Been Announced
Lunar Mission One: A New Lunar Mission for Everyone
ROLIS Descent Image in 3D
Bennu’s Journey (Adam did a nice write-up in the Space News category to accompany this video)

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