Visions of Earth through the Yutu Rover’s Eyes

by Bob King December 19, 2013

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Last night I used my telescope to eye-hike the volcanic plains of the Sea of Rains (Mare Imbrium) where the Yutu rover and lander sit beneath a blistering sun. With no atmosphere to speak of and days that last two weeks, […]

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Weekly Space Hangout – December 6, 2013 – Zombie ISON, Jade Rabbit, Lovely Venus and Naked-Eye Nova

by Fraser Cain December 6, 2013

Host: Fraser Cain Guests: David Dickinson, Matthew Francis, Casey Dreier, Sondy Springmann Remove this ad Fraser Cain on Google+

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This Rover Could Hunt For Lunar Water And Oxygen In 2018

by Elizabeth Howell November 28, 2013

In 2018, NASA plans to go prospecting at the moon’s south pole with a rover — possibly, a version of the Canadian one in the picture above. The idea is to look for water and similar substances on the lunar surface, with an eye to learn more about living off the land, so to speak. […]

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‘I Didn’t Think He Would Drown’: Spacewalking Crewmember on Spacesuit Leak

by Elizabeth Howell September 20, 2013

Safely back on Earth on Sept. 10, astronaut Chris Cassidy happily chatters about his daily trips to the gym — “I feel real solid with my walking”, he says — and cracks one-liners during one of a series of media interviews on Thursday. “It was such a treat being up there with [Chris] Hadfield, and […]

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This Company Wants To Send Robots Into Lunar Caves

by Jason Major September 11, 2013

Ever since (and most likely long before) the first tantalizing glimpses of a lunar lava tube and skylight were captured by Japan’s Kaguya spacecraft in 2009, scientists have been dreaming of ways to explore inside these geological treasures. Not only would they provide valuable information on the movement of ancient lunar lava flows, but they […]

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