Weekly Space Hangout – December 6, 2013 – Zombie ISON, Jade Rabbit, Lovely Venus and Naked-Eye Nova

Article written: 6 Dec , 2013
Updated: 29 Dec , 2015

Host: Fraser Cain
Guests: David Dickinson, Matthew Francis, Casey Dreier, Sondy Springmann

ISON Appears To Be Fading, But Astronomers Keeping Eyes Peeled
Zombie ISON ‘Behaving Like A Comet’, Stunned Astronomers Say
Spotting Venus in the Daytime Sky
A Naked Eye Nova in Centaurus
SpaceX Faclon 9 Launch

Planetary Scientists Face Lack of Funding
Bill Nye’s Letter to the President
Chinese ‘Jade Rabbit’ Rover Aims For The Moon On Sunday

Saturn hexagon

Tricksy hobbit-sized black hole pretends to be a giant
Could dark matter be hiding in plain sight in existing experiments?

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  1. philw1776 says

    “Over the last few years, Congress has added back funding for the planetary program that the Office of Management and Budget has cut.” It’s time for the President to tell OMB which is part of the executive branch to follow Congress’ lead funding Planetary Science at the $1.5 billion level. Spare us the campaign rhetoric and exercise your Constitutional powers and restore the funding.

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