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venus daytime

Venus Returns to the Dusk Sky

Where have all the planets gone? The end of February 2018 sees the three naked eye outer planets – Mars,…

2 years ago

Astro-Challenge: Watch the Moon Occult Venus in the Daytime

The year 2015 saved one of the best astronomical events for last, as the waning crescent Moon occults (passes in…

4 years ago

This Comparison of Comet 67/P With Other Solar System Bodies Will Blow Your Mind

There’s darkness out there in the cold corners of the solar system. And we’re not talking about a Lovecraftian darkness,…

5 years ago

Watch Venus as it Wanders Through the Dawn in 2014

Are you a chronic early riser? Observational astronomy often means late nights and early mornings as daylight lengths get longer…

6 years ago

An Incredible Time-lapse of Venus Passing Through Inferior Conjunction

Some of the most amazing celestial sights are hidden from our view in the daytime sky. Or are they? We…

6 years ago