Why Don't We See Robotic Civilizations Rapidly Expanding Across the Universe?

In 1950, while sitting down to lunch with colleagues at the Los Alamos Laboratory, famed physicist and nuclear scientist Enrico…

1 week ago

SETI Researchers Just Got a $200 Million Gift to Search for Life

Among the many outstanding questions in science, ‘Are We Alone’ must be the one that captivates scientists and public alike. …

4 weeks ago

SETI Works Best When Telescopes Double-Check Each Other

A new paper recommends that future SETI experiments rely on simultaneous observations to eliminate background interference.

1 month ago

Civilizations are Probably Spreading Quickly Through the Universe

New research shows how intelligent life might expand in an ever-expanding Universe, which has serious implications for SETI and the…

1 month ago

The World's Largest Radio Telescope has Scanned Barnard's Star for Extraterrestrial Signals

Barnard's Star is the second closest star system to Earth, at a distance of 5.96 light-years. It's another red dwarf…

2 months ago

Why Build Megastructures? Just Move Planets Around to Make Habitable Worlds

A new study recommends we stop looking for megastructures and start searching for advanced civilizations who have moved multiple planets…

2 months ago

We Should Be Looking for Small, Hot Dyson Spheres

A new study recommends looking for Dyson Spheres that are smaller, orbit closer to their suns, and might still be…

3 months ago

Humanity Will Out-Communicate all Life on Earth Within 90 Years

All organisms communicate information with their cells using signaling molecules. Add up all these communications, and it's the equivalent of…

3 months ago

Is Anyone Planning for Diplomacy with an Extraterrestrial Civilization?

Imagine we detect an interstellar object entering our Solar System. At first, astronomers think it's just another natural interloper like…

3 months ago

If Earth Was an Exoplanet, JWST Would Know There's an Intelligent Civilization Here

JWST is the most powerful instrument astronomers have to study the atmospheres of exoplanets, looking for trace gases that might…

3 months ago