trojan asteroids

An Asteroid Found Sharing the Orbit of Mars

Astronomers discovered another asteroid sharing Mars' orbit. These types of asteroids are called trojans, and they orbit in two clumps,…

4 months ago

Lucy Took This Picture of Earth as it was Making its Gravity Assist Maneuver

We may take it for granted, but every day we receive picture postcards from the robotic travelers we have sent…

2 years ago

NASA is Ready to try and fix Lucy’s Unlatched Solar Panel

NASA's Lucy spacecraft, currently on its way to the outer Solar System to study Jupiter's Trojan asteroids, has a solar…

2 years ago

Astronomers Lined up Under an Asteroid’s Shadow to Measure its Size Precisely

Astronomers will go to great lengths for science. Recently, dozens of astronomers had the misfortune of traveling to one of…

2 years ago

Lucy is off to Visit Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids

NASA's Lucy spacecraft is on its way. The spacecraft was launched into space on Saturday, October 16th on an Atlas…

3 years ago

NASA’s Mission to Visit 8 Asteroids, Lucy, Launches on October 16th

An early morning launch is planned for the Lucy spacecraft, the first space mission to study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids. Tomorrow,…

3 years ago

Trojan Mission Lucy Tested its Solar Panels for the First Time. Those Things are Huge

Space missions often have to go where the sun don’t shine. Or at least where it shines very faintly.  That…

3 years ago

Jupiter has Added a Comet to its Trojan Collection

Jupiter is notorious for capturing objects that venture too close to the gas giant and its enormous pull of gravity.…

3 years ago

Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroids Offer Surprises Even Before NASA’s Lucy Mission has a Chance to Visit Them.

A new study out this month suggests that Jupiter's Trojan asteroids may be more peculiar than previously thought. The Trojan…

3 years ago

One Mars Trojan asteroid has the same chemical signature as the Earth’s moon

Mars has a trojan asteroid that could be a captured rock from the surface of the Moon.

4 years ago