trojan asteroids

Five New Neptunian Trojans Discovered

Using data from the PS1 survey, an international team of researchers has made some interesting discoveries about Neptune's Trojan asteroids

7 years ago

Surveying the “Fossils of Planet Formation”: The Lucy Mission

In February of 2014, NASA's Discovery Program put out the call for mission proposals, one or two of which will…

8 years ago

Some Planet-like Kuiper Belt Objects Don’t Play “Nice”

The Kuiper belt — the region beyond the orbit of Neptune inhabited by a number of small bodies of rock…

10 years ago

Earth’s First Trojan Asteroid Discovered

[/caption] The first known "Trojan" asteroid in Earth's orbit has been discovered. A Trojan asteroid shares an orbit with a…

12 years ago

New Trojan Asteroid Discovered Around Neptune

[/caption] Astronomers have found a new object in a region of Neptune’s orbit, tucked away in a very hard-to-find location,…

13 years ago