the sun

Aztecs Used an Extremely Accurate Solar Observatory to Manage Their Farming

A new study demonstrates how the Mexico (Aztecs) kept track of solar cycles to guide their agricultural practices

2 months ago

NASA Tests a Solar Sail Segment of its Enormous Solar Cruiser Mission

A team led by NASA Marshall was selected to build a technology demonstrator called the Solar Cruiser to mature solar…

2 months ago

During a Solar Flare, Dark Voids Move Down Towards the Sun. Now We Know Why

Solar flares are complex phenomena. They involve plasma, electromagnetic radiation across all wavelengths, activity in the Sun's atmosphere layers, and…

1 year ago

It Turns out, We Have a Very Well-Behaved Star

Should we thank our well-behaved Sun for our comfy home on Earth? Some stars behave poorly. They're unruly and emit…

1 year ago

Giant Stars and the Ultimate Fate of the Sun

Astronomers have a new tool to help them understand giant stars. It's a detailed study of the precise temperatures and…

1 year ago

Astronomers Have Found the Star/Exoplanet Combo That’s the Best Twin to the Sun/Earth

At times, it seems like there's an indundation of announcements featuring discoveries of "Earth-like" planets. And while those announcements are…

3 years ago

Solar Orbiter is Already Starting to Observe the Sun

The ESA's Solar Orbiter, which took to space over earlier this month, recently sent back its first batch of data…

3 years ago

This is the Highest Resolution Image Ever Taken of the Surface of the Sun

The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope (DKIST) recently took its first image, which happens to be the highest-resolution image of…

3 years ago

Astronomers Discovered a New Kind of Explosion That the Sun Can Do

Using data from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, a team of scientists have discovered a new type of solar phenomenon that…

3 years ago

In the far Future our Sun will Turn Into a Solid Crystalline White Dwarf. Here’s How it’ll Happen

New research using some of the latest Gaia mission data has revealed what happens to stars like our Sun once…

4 years ago