Here Are Some Amazing Pictures of the January 2018 Lunar Eclipse

Here are some lovely photographs that were taken of the "Super Blue Moon", which appeared in the early-morning sky today!

6 years ago

This Week: Occultations of Aldebaran, Regulus vs. the Supermoon

It's a busy week for the Moon. While our large solitary natural satellite reaches Full and interferes with the 2016…

7 years ago

November’s Supermoon 2016 – Closest of a Lifetime?

By now, you've heard the news. We'll spare you the "it's a bird, it's a plane..." routine to usher in…

7 years ago

November Opens with a Splendid Gathering of Moon and Planets

At dusk on November 2, skywatchers will see a beautiful crescent Moon pair up with the planets Venus and Saturn.

7 years ago

This Weekend: A Hunter’s Full Moon Kicks Off Supermoon Season

Ready for some lunar action of proxigean proportions? This weekend's Full Moon ushers in that most (infamous?) of internet ready…

7 years ago

April Lunacy: Getting Ready for the Full ‘Mini-Moon’

Why this week's Full Moon is the smallest of 2016. It's Mini-Moon season!

8 years ago

First Lunar Eclipse Ever Photographed with a Transit of the ISS

To our knowledge, this is the first time anyone has ever photographed a transit of the International Space Station of…

8 years ago

A Bloody Beautiful Supermoon Eclipse!

Like some of you, I outran the clouds just in time to catch last night's total lunar eclipse. What a beautiful…

8 years ago

Blues for the Second Full Moon of July

Brace yourselves for Blue Moon madness. The month of July 2015 hosts two Full Moons: One on July 2nd and…

9 years ago

A Splash of Color Across the Supermoon

A software engineer from Florida recently captured an image of the day-old supermoon in September that clearly conveys color variations across its surface.…

9 years ago