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We’re Now Just Weeks Away from a Stellar Explosion You Can See With Your Own Eyes

I’ve seen some pretty incredible things using my eyes.. First off of course, is the stunning sight of a dark…

2 weeks ago

A Nova in the Making: Will T Coronae Borealis Pop in 2024?

If predictions are correct, a key outburst star could put on a show in early 2024.

4 months ago

Skywatcher’s Delight: Nova RS Ophiuchi in Outburst and Comet O1 Nishimura

The Perseids, a rare eruption of nova RS Ophiuchi and a challenging dawn comet round out an amazing week of…

3 years ago

This Star Has Been Going Nova Every Year, for Millions of Years

A nova star is like a vampire that siphons gas from its binary partner. As it does so, the gas…

5 years ago

A Naked Eye Nova Erupts in Centaurus

If you live in the southern hemisphere, the southern sky constellation of Centaurus may look a little different to you…

11 years ago

Recurrent Novae, Light Echoes, and the Mystery of T Pyxidis

Some of the most violent events in our Universe were the topic of discussion this morning at the 222nd meeting of…

11 years ago