Planetary Science

Cosmochemistry: Why study it? What can it teach us about finding life beyond Earth?

Universe Today has had some fantastic discussions with researchers on the importance of studying impact craters, planetary surfaces, exoplanets, astrobiology,…

3 months ago

NASA’s VERITAS Mission Breathes New Life

In a win for planetary scientists, and planetary geologists in particular, it was announced at the recent 55th Lunar and…

3 months ago

Europa Might Not Be Able to Support Life in its Oceans

Can Europa’s massive, interior ocean contain the building blocks of life, and even support life as we know it? This…

3 months ago

Improving a 1960s Plan to Explore the Giant Planets

In the 1960s, NASA engineers developed a series of small lifting-body aircraft that could be dropped into the atmosphere of…

3 months ago

Astrobiology: Why study it? How to study it? What are the challenges?

Universe Today has proudly examined the importance of studying impact craters, planetary surfaces, and exoplanets, and what they can teach…

5 months ago

Planetary Surfaces: Why study them? Can they help us find life elsewhere?

Universe Today recently explored the importance of studying impact craters and what they can teach us about finding life beyond…

5 months ago

Impact Craters: Why study them and can they help us find life elsewhere?

When we look at the Moon, either through a pair of binoculars, a telescope, or past footage from the Apollo…

5 months ago

Dr. Tracy Becker Honored with 2023 Carl Sagan Medal for Science Communication

This year’s prestigious Carl Sagan Medal, also known as the “Sagan Medal” and named after the late astronomer, Dr. Carl…

10 months ago

Some Star Systems Create a Planet Sandwich

A recent study presented at the National Astronomy Meeting 2023 (NAM2023) examines a newly discovered planetary formation theory that challenges…

11 months ago

Jupiter’s Atmosphere is Surprisingly Hot

Jupiter's upper atmosphere should be pretty cold, but it is surprisingly quite hot.

2 years ago