InSight Felt the Ground Shake From a Meteorite Impact on Mars

The Mars InSight lander might be nearing the end of its life on the Red Planet, but its scientific data…

1 month ago

Scientists Have Been Underestimating the Asteroid That Created the Biggest Known Crater on Earth

Ancient impacts played a powerful role in Earth's complex history. On other Solar System bodies like the Moon or Mercury,…

2 months ago

The Moon was Pummeled by Asteroids at the Same Time the Dinosaurs Died. Coincidence?

It only takes a quick look at the Moon to see its impact-beaten surface. There are craters everywhere. Some of…

2 months ago

Would We Have Continents Without Asteroid Impacts?

Early Earth was a wild and wooly place. In its first billion years, during a period called the Archean, our…

4 months ago

You can see Where JWST Took a Direct hit From a Micrometeorite on one of its Mirrors

A recently-released report examines the James Webb Space Telescope's performance and discusses the micrometeoroid impacts that could threaten the mission

5 months ago

A Chunk of Space Junk Just Hit the Far Side of the Moon

Observers have been tracking a chunk of space junk, waiting for it to strike the Moon. It should've hit the…

9 months ago