The Brightest Gamma Ray Burst Ever Seen Came from a Collapsing Star

After a journey lasting about two billion years, photons from an extremely energetic gamma-ray burst (GRB) struck the sensors on…

2 months ago

Ancient Stars Could Make Elements With More Than 260 Nucleons

Elements heavier than iron, like gold or platinum, were created when massive stars died or through colliding neutron stars. Some…

6 months ago

This Binary System is Destined to Become a Kilonova

Kilonovae are extraordinarily rare. Astronomers think there are only about 10 of them in the Milky Way. But they're extraordinarily…

1 year ago

Exploding Stars are Titanium Factories

If you're a fan of titanium, you should head to the nearest supernova. You'll get more than enough of it.…

3 years ago

Traces of One of the Oldest Stars in the Universe Found Inside Another Star

Despite all we know about the formation and evolution of the Universe, the very early days are still kind of…

5 years ago

Some of Earth’s Gold Came From Two Neutron Stars That Collided Billions of Years Ago

A new study has shown that a good deal of Earth's heaviest elements may have come from a nearby neutron…

5 years ago

The Universe Has A Lithium Problem

The Big Bang Theory predicts three times as much lithium as observed. Where are the scientists hiding our lithium?

7 years ago

Cosmology 101: The End

[/caption] Welcome back to the third, and last, installment of Cosmology 101. So far, we've covered the history of the…

13 years ago

Astronomy Without A Telescope – Alchemy By Supernova

[/caption] The production of elements in supernova explosions is something we take for granted these days. But exactly where and…

14 years ago