Dark Matter

Dwarf Galaxies Found Without Influence From Dark Matter

Ask astronomers about dark matter and one of the things they talk about is that this invisible, mysterious "stuff" permeates…

1 week ago

Astronomers Measure the Signal of Dark Matter From 12 Billion Years ago

The most distant measure of dark matter suggests the universe might have behaved differently in the past.

2 weeks ago

The World’s Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector has Come Online

Individual contributors have become less and less prominent in scientific fields as the discipline itself has matured. Some individuals still…

3 weeks ago

Gravitational Wave Telescopes Could Detect Clumps of Dark Matter Drifting Through the Solar System

Attempts to directly detect dark matter have come up empty. A team of physicists have proposed a brand new method:…

4 weeks ago

Dark Stars: The First Stars in the Universe Could Have Been Powered by Annihilating Dark Matter

Dark matter doesn’t really do much of anything in the present-day universe. But in the early days of the cosmos…

2 months ago

Could we Detect Dark Matter’s Annihilation Within Globular Clusters?

A team of astronomers studied two nearby globular clusters, 47 Tucanae and Omega Centauri, searching for signals produced by annihilating…

3 months ago

If Axions are Dark Matter, we've got new Hints About Where to Look for Them

A computer simulation of dark matter points to axions being more massive than expected.

5 months ago

A Detailed Simulation of the Universe Creates Structures Very Similar to the Milky Way and its Surroundings

An international team of astrophysicists has created the most accurate simulation of cosmic evolution to date, which reproduced many of…

6 months ago

How Dark Matter Could Be Measured in the Solar System

Dark matter has long been a mystery to astronomers, in no small part because it is so hard to measure…

6 months ago

Finally, an Explanation for the Cold Spot in the Cosmic Microwave Background

A new study by the Dark Energy Survey (DES) has confirmed the existence of a Supervoid, which could explain how…

7 months ago