Dark Matter

New Measurements of Galaxy Rotation Lean Towards Modified Gravity as an Explanation for Dark Matter

Although dark matter is a central part of the standard cosmological model, it's not without its issues. There continue to…

1 month ago

Anti-Helium Generated in the Large Hadron Collider can Help in the Search for Dark Matter

Researchers from CERN's ALICE Collaboration have come up with a new way to search for Dark Matter: look for anti-helium-3…

1 month ago

If Dark Matter is Made of Axions, This Could be the Detector That Finds Them

As we've noted in plenty of other articles, science also moves forward by constraints. Understanding the limits of a physical…

2 months ago

Want to Learn More About Dark Matter? Send an Atomic Clock Close to the Sun

If dark matter exists in our solar system, atomic clock spacecraft might reveal its presence.

2 months ago

In a New Hubble Image, Dark Matter Anchors the Giant Galaxy Cluster Abell 611

Dark matter. It's secret. It's dark because it doesn't give off any light. We can't see it, taste it, touch…

3 months ago

Dwarf Galaxies Found Without Influence From Dark Matter

Ask astronomers about dark matter and one of the things they talk about is that this invisible, mysterious "stuff" permeates…

6 months ago

Astronomers Measure the Signal of Dark Matter From 12 Billion Years ago

The most distant measure of dark matter suggests the universe might have behaved differently in the past.

6 months ago

The World’s Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector has Come Online

Individual contributors have become less and less prominent in scientific fields as the discipline itself has matured. Some individuals still…

6 months ago

Gravitational Wave Telescopes Could Detect Clumps of Dark Matter Drifting Through the Solar System

Attempts to directly detect dark matter have come up empty. A team of physicists have proposed a brand new method:…

6 months ago

Dark Stars: The First Stars in the Universe Could Have Been Powered by Annihilating Dark Matter

Dark matter doesn’t really do much of anything in the present-day universe. But in the early days of the cosmos…

8 months ago