Dark Energy

Ice is Starting to Cloud Euclid's Optics

On July 1st, 2023, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched the Euclid Observatory, a mission that will spend the next…

4 months ago

1,500 New Type 1A Supernova Found as Part of the Dark Energy Survey

Supernova explosions are fascinating because they're so cataclysmic, powerful, and awe-inspiring. They're Nature's summer blockbusters. Humans have recorded their existence…

7 months ago

We Might Be Able to Measure Dark Energy Through the Milky Way's Collision With Andromeda

The Milky Way and Andromeda are set to collide in a few billion years but are still over two million…

11 months ago

Dynamical Dark Energy Might Explain Strange 21-cm Signal

Dark energy may evolve in time, and it may even connect through a new force of nature with dark matter.…

1 year ago

ESA's Euclid Mission is Off to Explore the Dark Universe

The Euclid space telescope, the ESA's next-generation astrophysics mission, was successfully launched to space!

1 year ago

Two New Space Telescopes Will Bring Dark Energy Into Focus

The ESA's Euclid and NASA's Nancy Grace Roman space telescope will work together to resolve the mystery of cosmic expansion!

1 year ago

The Hidden Benefits of Large Science Projects

Large astronomical projects like the Dark Energy Survey and the James Webb Space Telescope provide innumerable benefits to society, like…

1 year ago

Dark Energy Was Always Present, Everywhere and at Every Time

The Force is with us, according to cosmologists working to understand a mysterious "something" that's making the universe expand. Its…

1 year ago

A New Survey of the Sky Contains Over One Billion Galaxies

What contains a petabyte of data on more than a billion galaxies in one of the most extensive sky maps?…

1 year ago

Are Black Holes the Source of Dark Energy?

In a series of papers, an international team claims they've found the first observational evidence that supermassive black holes are…

1 year ago