Astronomers Finally Catch a Nova Detonating on a White Dwarf as it's Happening

On July 7, 2020, the X-ray instrument eROSITA captured an astronomical event that – until then – had only been…

2 years ago

Astronomers Watch a Nova Go From Start to Finish for the First Time

A nova is a dramatic episode in the life of a binary pair of stars. It's an explosion of bright…

4 years ago

This Star Has Been Going Nova Every Year, for Millions of Years

A nova star is like a vampire that siphons gas from its binary partner. As it does so, the gas…

5 years ago

Are There Dark Matter Galaxies? ft. Sarah Pearson from Space with Sarah

We know there’s dark matter, and there are galaxies, but are there galaxies entirely made up of dark matter? Astronomer…

7 years ago

What Are Fast Radio Bursts?

Here's a big mystery in astronomy: fast radio bursts. Brief shrieks of radio waves coming from space. What are they?…

7 years ago

What is a Nova?

We’ve talked about supernovae plenty of times, but what about just regular, plain old novae? What are they, and how…

8 years ago

Bright Binocular Nova Discovered in Lupus

A powerful explosion on an otherwise obscure star in the constellation Lupus is now bright enough to see in binoculars.

8 years ago

New Nova Flares in Sagittarius – How to See it in Your Scope

A nova farmer would do well in the fields of Sagittarius. Four nights ago on September 27, Japanese amateur Koichi Itagaki…

9 years ago

Weekly Space Hangout – March 27, 2015: Dark Matter Galaxy “X” with Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain) Special Guest: Dr. Sukanya Chakrabarti, Lead Investigator for team that may have discovered Dark Matter Galaxy…

9 years ago

Nova in Sagittarius Brighter Than Ever – Catch it with the Naked Eye!

Great news about that new nova in Sagittarius. It's still climbing in brightness and now ranks as the brightest nova seen from mid-northern latitudes in…

9 years ago