milky way

What Does the Milky Way Look Like?

A team from the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) has revealed a new picture of the Milky Way's morphology.

3 weeks ago

A Tadpole-Shaped Cloud of Gas is Whirling Around a Black Hole

A team of astronomers from Japan have found a strange "Tadpole" shaped dust cloud near the center of our galaxy,…

3 months ago

A Mysterious Blob Near the Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole Might Finally Have an Explanation

New research from UCLA's Galactic Center Group has found an explanation for the mysterious "blob" (X7) at the center of…

3 months ago

Globular Star Clusters are Constantly Kicking Stars out of the Galaxy

All the stars we can see with the naked eye are part of the Milky Way. The gravitational power of…

4 months ago

Astronomers Uncover Mass Migration of Stars into Andromeda

Astronomers know that galaxies grow over time through mergers with other galaxies. We can see it happening in our galaxy.…

4 months ago

According to Simulations, the Milky Way is One in a Million

Humanity is in a back-and-forth relationship with nature. First, we thought we were at the center of everything, with the…

4 months ago

A New Survey of the Milky Way Reveals Billions of Objects, Helping to Map Our Surroundings in Three Dimensions

The Dark Energy Camera Plane Survey 2 (DECaPS2) is out. This is the second data release from DECaPS, and the…

4 months ago

You’re Looking at a Map of the Milky Way’s Magnetic Field

Using telescopes that study the sky in the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum, astronomers have successfully mapped the structure…

4 months ago

Astronomers use the World's Biggest Radio Telescope to map new Features of the Milky Way

Using China's FAST radio telescope, a team of Chinese researchers observed previously-unmapped regions of the Milky Way and made some…

5 months ago

Newly Found Stars are Technically in the Milky Way, but They’re Halfway to Andromeda

We all know our galaxy, the Milky Way, is big. Really big. But, exactly how far out does it extend?…

5 months ago