Aztecs Used an Extremely Accurate Solar Observatory to Manage Their Farming

A new study demonstrates how the Mexico (Aztecs) kept track of solar cycles to guide their agricultural practices

2 years ago

Monster Cat 5 Hurricane Patricia Strongest Ever Recorded Menaces Millions in Mexico; Seen from ISS

“Hurricane #Patricia approaches #Mexico. It's massive. Be careful” in this image taken by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly aboard the ISS…

9 years ago

Atlas V Streaks to Orbit on 100th Successful Mission for ULA with Mexico’s Morelos-3

United Launch Alliance (ULA) celebrated an incredible milestone today, Oct. 2, with the successful launch of the firms 100th mission…

9 years ago

Earth From Space: The Moon Over Mexico

Happy Cinco de Mayo! This beautiful image of Earth from Space was taken earlier this year, but today is a…

10 years ago

Mexican Lake Bears Witness To Ancient Impact

[/caption] Exotic sediments found beneath the floor of Lake Cuitzeo in central Mexico support theories of a major cosmic impact…

12 years ago