How Science Journalism Helped Me Become a Better Sci-Fi Writer

My work with Universe Today has helped fashion me into a better science fiction writer and led to the publication…

5 years ago

Forming Dense Metal Planets like Mercury is Probably Pretty Difficult and Rare in the Universe

A new study by a team of Swiss astronomers indicates that Mercury-like planets, which have a high iron-to-rock ration, are…

5 years ago

A New Extrasolar Planet Has The Composition of Mercury, but 2.5 Times the Mass of Earth

A team of international astronomers recently discovered a Super Earth with a similar composition of Mercury, and is several times…

5 years ago

More Surface Ice on Mercury than Previously Thought, says New Study

A new study from Brown University reveals that there may be a lot more surface ice on Mercury than previously…

6 years ago

What is the Weather Like on Mercury?

The weather on Mercury, such as it is, consists of extreme highs and extreme lows in temperature, owing to its…

6 years ago

How Does Mercury Compare to Earth?

Mercury and Earth are a study in contrasts, with serious differences in their orbits, atmospheres, surface temperatures, and annual/diurnal cycles.…

6 years ago

What is the Smallest Planet in the Solar System?

Of all the planets in the Solar System. Mercury is now the regarded as the smallest, with a mean radius…

6 years ago

Construction Tips from a Type 2 Engineer: Collaboration with Isaac Arthur

Fraser Cain and Isaac Arthur team up again to bring you another epic collaboration. This time, it’s construction tips from…

6 years ago

What is the Average Surface Temperature of Mercury?

Because of its extremely eccentric orbit, slow rotation, and lack of an atmosphere, Mercury experiences extreme variations in surface temperature.

6 years ago

See Mercury At Dusk, New Comet Lovejoy At Dawn

There are so many cool astronomical sights to see in late March including Mercury and a brand new comet!

7 years ago