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Mars at Opposition 2022: The Full Moon Occults Mars Wednesday Night

A rare event transpires Wednesday night, as the Full Moon occults Mars near opposition.

1 year ago

Our Complete Guide to Mars Opposition Season 2020

Grab your telescope: when it comes to astronomy, 2020 saved the best for last, with a fine opposition of the…

4 years ago

When Will Mars Be Close to Earth?

Every two years, Earth and Mars reach the closest points to each other in their orbit, which is referred to…

7 years ago

How Long Does it Take Mars to Orbit the Sun?

The planet Mars has a highly eccentric orbit around the Sun, and takes a little under two years for it…

8 years ago

Into the Red: Our Complete Guide to Mars Opposition 2016

The time to observe Mars is now, as the Red Planet heads towards a favorable opposition in May 2016. Here's…

8 years ago

Revealed: Mars to Appear Larger Than a Full Moon!

We can finally reveal the truth. A massive conspiracy, spanning over a decade, has been revealed at last by basement…

9 years ago

Mars Opposition Season 2014: Images From Around the World

Did you see it? Last night, the Red Planet rose in the east as it passed opposition for 2014, and…

10 years ago

Night of the Red Planet: Mars Opposition 2014 Coming Soon!

Mars attacks and comes to a night sky near you this month, and the folks at the Virtual Telescope Project…

10 years ago

Enter the Red Planet: A Guide to the Upcoming Mars 2014 Opposition Season

Get those telescopes ready: the coming months offer Earthbound viewers some great views of the planet Mars. Mars reaches opposition…

10 years ago

The Cyber-Myth That Just Won’t Die: See Mars as Large as a Full Moon!!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been with us for a decade now. Ten years ago this week, the planet…

11 years ago