Liquid water on Mars

Water Shaped Features on Mars Much Earlier Than Previously Believed

According to a new study, the Perseverance rover could find evidence in Jezero that will allow scientists to reconstruct the…

3 years ago

Mars Express Finds Even More Ponds of Water Under the Ground on Mars

A reexamination of data obtained by the Mars Express probe has found more evidence of stable bodies of water beneath…

4 years ago

And NASA’s Big Announcement is: Ancient Organic Molecules Found on Mars!

In its latest discovery, the Curiosity rover detected organic molecules in an ancient deposit of sedimentary rock, bolstering the case…

6 years ago

New Research Says “Levitating” Sands Explain how Mars Got its Landscape

A new study by an international team of scientists has indicated how a different form of water transport called "levitation"…

7 years ago

Detection of Mineral on Mars Bolsters Argument that Mars was Once Habitable

The discovery of boron on Mars, a key ingredient in the emergence of organic molecules, has bolstered the case for…

7 years ago

Curiosity’s Martian Chronicles Rife With Intriguing Inconsistencies

Using data obtained from rock samples since 2011, one of Curiosity's science teams has deduced that ancient Mars did not…

7 years ago

Did Cirrus Clouds Help Keep Early Mars Warm & Wet?

The presence of cirrus clouds in the early Martian atmosphere may have helped it stay warm enough for liquid water.

8 years ago

NASA Discovers Salty Liquid Water Flows Intermittently on Mars Today, Bolstering Chance for Life

These dark, narrow, 100 meter-long streaks called recurring slope lineae flowing downhill on Mars are inferred to have been formed…

9 years ago