june astronomy

See All Naked Eye Planets This Month… in Order

June 2022 offers early risers the chance to trace out the naked eye planets, from Mercury to Saturn.

2 years ago

Catch Jupiter Homing in on Venus Through June

Are you ready to hear an upswing in queries from friends/family and/or strangers on Twitter asking “what are those two…

9 years ago

Observing Challenge: The Moon Brushes Past Venus and Covers Mercury This Week

The summer astronomical action heats up this week, as the waning crescent Moon joins the inner planets at dawn. This…

10 years ago

Seeing in Triplicate: Catching a Rare Triple Shadow Transit of Jupiter’s Moons

The planet Jupiter is always fascinating to watch. Not only do surface features pop in and out of existence on its…

10 years ago

Catch the Moon pairing with Mercury & Venus Tonight

If you've never seen Mercury, this week is a great time to try. Over the past few weeks, observers worldwide…

11 years ago