Hypervelocity stars

This Star has been Kicked Out of the Milky Way. It Knows What It Did.

Every once in a while, the Milky Way ejects a star. The evicted star is typically ejected from the chaotic…

1 year ago

The Milky Way Could Be Spreading Life From Star to Star

A new study from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics addresses the possibility of panspermia on a galactic (and intergalactic) scale

2 years ago

Gaia Sees Stars Out in Deep Space, Flying Between Galaxies

Based on Gaia's second data release, a team of astronomers from the Leiden Observatory have observed hyper-velocity stars that appear…

2 years ago

Determining the Mass of the Milky Way Using Hypervelocity Stars

Researchers from the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics have devised a new way to measure the mass of our galaxy…

3 years ago

Chinese Astronomers Spot Two New Hypervelocity Stars

A team of Chinese astronomers has just discovered two new hypervelocity stars, a rare type of star that is still…

3 years ago

‘Lopsided’ Supernova Could Be Responsible for Rogue Hypervelocity Stars

Hypervelocity stars have been observed traversing the Galaxy at extreme velocities (700 km/s), but the mechanisms that give rise to such phenomena…

6 years ago

Hypervelocity Neutron Stars Crashing Into White Dwarfs — A Scenario for the Loneliest Supernovae?

It’s hard to comprehend the vast emptiness of space. Especially when we detect odd signatures, such as luminous explosions that…

6 years ago

“With a Little Help From Their Friends,” Magnetars Form in Binary Systems, New Study Suggests

Astronomy is a discipline of extremes. We’re constantly searching for the most powerful, the most explosive, and the most energetic…

6 years ago

How do Hypervelocity Stars End up Breaking The Speed Limit?

The Sun is racing through the Galaxy at a speed that is 30 times greater than a space shuttle in…

7 years ago