Endeavour crater

Opportunity Just Saw its 5,000th Sunrise on Mars

The Opportunity rover just experienced its 5000th sunrise on Mars and is still revealing things about the Martian surface.

6 years ago

Opportunity Starts Historic Descent of Tantalizing Martian Gully to Find Out How Was It Carved

From the precipice of "Perseverance Valley" NASA’s teenaged Red Planet robot Opportunity has begun the historic first ever descent of…

7 years ago

Opportunity Reaches ‘Perseverance Valley’ Precipice – Ancient Fluid Carved Gully on Mars

Now well into her 13th year roving the Red Planet, NASA’s astoundingly resilient Opportunity rover has arrived at the precipice…

7 years ago

Outstanding Opportunity Rover Making ‘Amazing New Discoveries’ 13 Years After Mars Touchdown – Scientist Tells UT

NASA’s truly outstanding Opportunity rover continues “making new discoveries about ancient Mars” as she commemorates 13 Years since bouncing to…

7 years ago

Opportunity Celebrates Christmas/New Year on Mars Marching to Ancient Water Carved Gully

On the brink of 4600 Sols of a profoundly impactful life, NASA’s long lived Opportunity rover celebrates the Christmas/New Year’s…

7 years ago

Opportunity Blazes Through 4500 Sunsets on Mars and Gullies are Yet to Come!

The longest living Martian rover ever - Opportunity - has just surpassed another unfathomable milestone - 4500 Sols (or days)…

8 years ago

Opportunity Discovers Dust Devil, Explores Steepest Slopes on Mars

A “beautiful dust devil” was just discovered today, April 1, on the Red Planet by NASA’s long lived Opportunity rover…

8 years ago

Opportunity Robustly in Action on 12th Anniversary of Red Planet Touchdown

NASA’s world famous Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity continues blazing a daily trail of unprecedented science first’s, still swinging her robotic…

8 years ago

Opportunity Rover Driving Between ‘Lily Pads’ in Search of Martian Sun and Science

Just shy of an unfathomable 4200 Sols traversing ravishing alien terrain on the Red Planet, the longest living ‘Martian’ -…

9 years ago

Opportunity Rover Prospecting for Water Altered Minerals at Crater Rim in Marathon Valley

As NASA’s Opportunity rover approaches the 12th anniversary of landing on Mars, her greatest science discoveries yet are likely within…

9 years ago