Cosmological Constant

Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life?

In their book, two Australian astrophysicists question the idea that our Universe "fine-tuned" for life, with some interesting conclusions.

3 years ago

How an Advanced Civilization Could Stop Dark Energy From Preventing Their Future Exploration

In a new study, an astrophysicist proposed how an advanced civilization might survive the inevitable expansion of the Universe, and…

6 years ago

If There is a Multiverse, Can There be Life There Too?

In a series of new studies, an international team of researchers found that if we live in a multiverse, it…

6 years ago

Next Time You’re Late To Work, Blame Dark Energy!

A team of Armenian researchers has proposed a new answer to why time only moves in one-direction: it's all because…

8 years ago

Japanese 3D Galaxy Map Confirms Einstein Was One Smart Dude

Using the largest 3-D map of the Universe to date, an team of researchers has shown that Einstein's theory of…

8 years ago

Big Bang Theory: Evolution of Our Universe

The Big Bang Theory explains how the Universe has evolved over last 13.8 billion years, starting from a singularity to…

8 years ago

Gamma Ray Bursts Limit The Habitability of Certain Galaxies, Says Study

Gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are some of the brightest, most dramatic events in the Universe. These cosmic tempests are characterized…

9 years ago

One Percent Measure of the Universe

When it comes to accuracy, everyone strives for a hundred percent, but measuring cosmic distances leaves a bit more to…

10 years ago

Podcast: Cosmological Constant

In order to allow for a static Universe, Albert Einstein introduced the concept of the Cosmological Constant Lambda to make…

11 years ago

Dark Energy Ignited By Gamma-Ray Bursts?

[/caption] Dark energy... We're still not exactly sure of what it is or where it comes from. Is it possible…

13 years ago