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active volcanoes

The Surprising Possibility That There are Still Active Volcanoes on Venus

According to new research by a team from the LPI, it appears likely that Venus could indeed have active volcanoes…

3 months ago

What is the Difference Between Active and Dormant Volcanoes?

Whether a volcano is active or dormant is complicated, as these geological features can have very long lifespans that go…

4 years ago

Stunning Photo of Volcanic Lightning at Volcán de Colima in Mexico

The Colima volcano in Mexico is active again, and has been spewing out large plumes of ash nearly 3 kilometers…

5 years ago

Volcanic Blast Forms New Island Near Japan

A volcanic eruption is creating a tiny new island off the coast of Japan. The Japanese Coast Guard snapped images…

6 years ago

Spectacular Eruptions of Mt. Etna in Sicily from Space and Earth

[/caption] Spectacular eruptions from Mt Etna are spewing massive quantities of lava, smoke and ash many hundreds of meters high…

9 years ago