There's a Giant Magma Plume on Mars, Bulging the Surface out Across a Vast Region

Scientists find more evidence that a magma plume could exist beneath Elysium Planitia, proving Mars might still be volcanically active

2 months ago

Mauna Loa is Erupting for the First Time in 40 Years. Here’s What it Looks Like From Space.

A sleeping giant of a volcano woke up this past week on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mauna Loa, which…

2 months ago

Volcanoes are the worst. They’ve caused extinctions on Earth, and probably killed Venus

Is there anything good about volcanoes? They can be violent, dangerous, and unpredictable. For modern humans, volcanoes are mostly an…

3 months ago

The Moon had Volcanoes More Recently Than Previously Believed

Recent analysis of the samples returned by the Chang'e-5 mission reveal that volcanic activity on the Moon lasted longer than…

3 months ago

Satellite View of Stromboli’s New Eruption in Italy. You Can See a River of Lava Flowing to the Ocean

Mount Stromboli is one of the busiest volcanoes on the planet. It's been erupting off and on for thousands of…

4 months ago

Volcanism on the Moon Ended About 2 Billion Years ago

An international team examined lunar rocks brought back by the Chang'e-5 mission, and determined that volcanism ended on the Moon…

1 year ago

Although it’s Quiet Today, Mars Once had Thousands of Volcanic Eruptions on its Surface

New research has found more evidence that Mars once experienced super-volcanoes that filled the atmosphere with ash and dust.

1 year ago

Seen From Space, Iceland’s new Volcano Lights up the Island at Night

You’ve probably seen stunning images of the night side of the Earth from space. Most people have seen the veritable…

2 years ago

You Can See the Spot Where Lava Broke Through the Wall of a Martian Crater and Began Filling it Up

At a fundamental level, Mars is a volcanic planet. Its surface is home to the Solar System's largest extinct volcano,…

2 years ago

It Looks Like There are Still Active Volcanoes on Venus

Venus' surface is no stranger to volcanoes. Radar images show more than 1,000 volcanic structures on the planet. But for…

3 years ago