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active galaxies

New Research Reveals How Galaxies Stay Hot and Bothered

It's relatively easy for galaxies to make stars. Start out with a bunch of random blobs of gas and dust.…

1 year ago

Winds of Supermassive Black Holes Can Shape Galaxy-Wide Star Formation

The combined observations from two generations of X-Ray space telescopes have now revealed a more complete picture of the nature of…

5 years ago

Three Supermassive Black Holes Tango in a Distant Galaxy, Marking a Huge Discovery

In a galaxy four billion light-years away, three supermassive black holes are locked in a whirling embrace. It’s the tightest…

6 years ago

Galactic Mergers Fail to Feed Black Holes

[/caption] The large black holes that reside at the center of galaxies can be hungry beasts. As dust and gas…

9 years ago

J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

[/caption] It seems oddly appropriate to be writing about astrophysical jets on Thanksgiving Day, when the New York football Jets…

9 years ago