Vera Rubin Will Find Binary Supermassive Black Holes. Here’s How.

When galaxies merge, we expect them to produce binary black holes (BBHs.) BBHs orbit one another closely, and when they…

1 week ago

Sometimes Compact Galaxies Hide Their Black Holes

Quasars, short for quasi-stellar objects, are one of the most powerful and luminous classes of objects in our Universe. A…

3 weeks ago

Gluttonous Black Holes Eat Faster Than Thought. Does That Explain Quasars?

At the heart of large galaxies like our Milky Way, there resides a supermassive black hole (SMBH.) These behemoths draw…

2 months ago

Quasars Have Always Had Dark Matter Halos

When you look at most galaxies in the Universe, you're looking at the homes of supermassive black holes. It now…

3 months ago

A Black Hole Switched On in the Blink of an Eye

A new study describes how astronomers discovered a supermassive black hole that suddenly "switched on" and became

5 months ago

860 Million-Year-Old Quasar Had Already Amassed 1.4 Billion Times the Mass of the Sun

It wasn't long after the Big Bang that early galaxies began changing the Universe. Less than a billion years later,…

5 months ago

eROSITA Sees Changes in the Most Powerful Quasar

An international team of astronomers observed the quasar J1114 in the X-ray band for the first time, revealing things about…

6 months ago

Galactic Black Hole Winds Blow Up to a Third the Speed of Light. The Impact on Their Galaxies is Impressive.

A new study by the SUper massive Black hole Winds in the x-rAYS (SUBWAYS) project explores the role of "space…

7 months ago

Warm Carbon Increased Suddenly in the Early Universe. Made by the First Stars?

New research shows that carbon was more abundant in the early Universe than previously thought, a find that could have…

9 months ago

The Event Horizon Telescope Gazes into the Heart of a Distant Quasar

Oftentimes in astronomy, it takes a village of telescopes and people to make an amazing find. In the case of…

10 months ago