Launching Rockets from Balloons is About to be a Thing, But We Need a Better Name than “Rockoons”

A new company is developing a hybrid rocket-balloon system to launch microsatellites cheaply from high altitude.

2 years ago

NASA Begins Construction of its New Quiet Supersonic Plane

In partnership with Lockheed Martin, NASA has begun developing their quiet supersonic plane, a revolutionary aircraft that will generate quiet…

2 years ago

New Zealand’s First Rocket Launch to Space!

Earlier this week, the island nation of New Zealand made history with the first successful launch of a rocket from…

3 years ago

Bloostar: Launching Satellites via Balloon

The space startup company Infinity2Space moves closer to the concept of Bloostar, or launching satellites into orbit via balloon.

4 years ago

ESA Prepares Revolutionary Air Breathing Rocket Engine

The SABRE (Synergistic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine) being developed for the European Space Agency could be ready for test firing in…

4 years ago

NASA Brings Back the X-Plane, and This One’s Electric

While NASA has had a long and storied history of building and testing experimental aircraft – called X-planes -- it…

4 years ago

What Is Air Resistance?

Simply put, air resistance (aka. drag) describes the forces that act opposite to an object's velocity as it travels through…

4 years ago

90 Years Ago Goddard’s Liquid-Fuelled Rocket Launched Spaceflight

90 years ago, on March 16, 1926, Robert Goddard launched the first liquid-fuelled rocket, laying the groundwork for future space…

4 years ago

NASA’s New X-Plane Program to Bring Quiet Supersonic Flight

Future supersonic passenger aircraft could be quieter, greener, and cheaper to operate if NASA's new X-Plane program gets off the…

4 years ago

Blue Origin Reaches Another Milestone: Reusable Rocket Launches and Lands Safely

Blue Origin reaches an historic milestone as their New Shepard rocket becomes the first successful reusable rocket.

5 years ago