From Eternity to Here: The Amazing Origin of our Species (in 90 Seconds)

Article written: 31 Oct , 2012
Updated: 4 Jan , 2016

From the initial expansion of the Big Bang to the birth of the Moon, from the timid scampering of the first mammals to the rise — and fall — of countless civilizations, this fascinating new video by melodysheep (aka John D. Boswell) takes us on a breathless 90-second tour through human history — starting from the literal beginnings of space and time itself. It’s as imaginative and powerful as the most gripping Hollywood trailer… and it’s even inspired by a true story: ours.


(Video by melodysheep, creator of the Symphony of Science series.)

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8 Responses

  1. Member
    Gozlemci says

    Good Job… Thanks !

  2. Charles French (WPMCB) says

    Very nice, like the rest of melodysheep’s videos on youtube as well. Carl Sagan singing was neat.

  3. Wait a second..! I didn’t see Jesus… (JK! ~ lol!)

  4. Alan Garde says

    The Big Bang (expansion) didn’t occur like that, did it ? The way I understand it, there is no outside to look from. Inside it’s just unimaginably, stupendously hot and there might have been some sense of denser clumps of plasma moving away from you as space expanded – at least until the universe was large and cool enough for matter to clump. Then the dust clouds and galaxies would be moving away faster and faster, unless the viewpoint happened to be within a galaxy …
    That’s what I understand from Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox. After that it’s and awesome video.

  5. Cool video. “From Eternity to Here” is also a good book about time by Sean Carroll, if anyone’s looking to lose a few nights in thought.

  6. Mike says

    It is hard to imagine that much time has gone by already.

  7. Prism2Spectrum says

    An epic journey from Flash of Time, ending with Man on summit of Earth creation prime.
    Its a familiar story, artfully told on screen, with some impressive graphics, bold in scene.
    But study evidence with objective mind , and could its supporting assertions lie broken in line?
    How valid is this Cosmic view, or does the hard Science, shatter its teachings held so true?

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