Stunning Astrophoto: Road to the Stars by Jack Fusco

Last week we posted an astrophoto by Jack Fusco, and when I looked at more of his images, this one just absolutely blew me away! Jack took a trip to Acadia National Park in Maine, USA, and his night sky images from that location are just gorgeous. “It’s amazing to me that every single person in Acadia isn’t awake the entire night out stargazing,” Jack said on Google+ . “The amount of stars is just absolutely incredible here and I could not have asked for any better conditions.”

Of this image, Jack said, “It’s important to not just worry about the destination, but to notice all of the things that we go through on our path there,” and then quoted musician Frank Turner: “We’re going nowhere slowly, but we’re seeing all the sights.”

See more of Jack’s work on Flickr, Google+ and his website,

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